Meet Your New 3ic!!!

Hey all! For those have you that don’t know me I’m Larry Guy 4 your new 3ic! Thank you to houndy for requesting me to riffy I am very excited to get back to work! I have many cp army experience. I was in nachos, didn’t like it, IW, didn’t like it, and ACP, well, I thought I liked it until most recently I was blackmailed and backstabbed and demoted from 3ic. That was only because of jealousy. So yes I know I’m coming from an army that you’re soon to be at war with, but don’t worry, from this day forward I am officially a Taco. VIVA LA TACO!!!!!! I hope I get the chance to meet all of you in the next few days and hear from the soldiers here. Until next time, Larry out!


20 Responses

  1. cool a new 3ic

  2. thanks glad to be a taco =D

  3. Cool Welcome to tacos

  4. ill call you Dave (JK). Welcome to the tacos, laryguy4.

  5. Tacos sad to say but im am retiring. I have made to many mistakes that led to the invations. So my rank shall be going to Mcrfan she has very well earned it. Bye Tacos

  6. Hello I hope u like the Tacos and I hope u will be great leader welcome to the club Larryguy4

  7. Well Guys thanks to request from the Tacops and all my friends i am staying. LOL sorry about that

  8. cool a new 3ic

  9. yay larry welcome!!!!!!!!! i bet u didint know i ws in the tacos. remeber me from acp alpha division.

  10. Larry your the bomb! Larry, Larry hes our man 8) …Good luck….

  11. Thanks guys! Great to be here, and yeah rock i remember u =D

  12. Why are you deleting my comments Larry? You think Houndy or Riffy want to go down with you? Afraid the Tacos will find out the real truth why you were demoted to colonel? Afraid they will find out your a racist and liar? Afraid they will ask Boomer about your PC’s to his Girl friend? Afraid they will find out you threatened a soldiers life because she refused to cyber with you? Afraid they will find out you called her every racist name you could think of ? I have the pics, she gave them to me. Be afraid Larry, your CP career is about over. I also have the PC pics from you know who…yeah, thought that was a secret didn’t you?

  13. LOLWUT

  14. Good thing a new 3ic I’m getting tired of doing everything xD!

  15. shab, everyone knows they were lies. u admitted it, i know the truth =D

  16. listen here Shab im not gunna put up with crap like this, stop talking to larry like that and being mean to him seriously shut up no one wants to hear it aiight? oh and tell draggy to stop aswell and dry k? now all this crap BETTER stop soon of i have one of the best hackers on xat on you got it? get it? good glad we understand each other if you stop then you’ll never hear from me again right. thanks and you can ban me on acp if you want coz im pretty sure eric will unban me. bye have a nice life in hell 😀

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