Hound: Mcr is the highest rank out of the few you mentioned 😐

Red’s edit:Why won’t the dang red work.Anyways i don’t see why it has to be mcr i can think of others who deserve it more.For example stone cold41,warrior722 and,pighorsecow.Just think about it houndeh.Just think about it.

Congrats to Mcrfan for being the New Tacos 3ic. Larry quit, so CONGRATS MCR!



6 Responses

  1. Rawr 😀

  2. OMG!!!!Thanks 😀

  3. Can you give a reason for larry quiting?! I dont like him or hate him , I just wanna know

  4. lol mcrfan cani be ur slave no hope u ahve fun time being 3rd in command

  5. Congrats mcr but who said rank had to do with it? its all skills XD -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Head Colonel)

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