Cat Fight (With a Boy)

Hello Tacos!

We’ve decided to have a Poll for 3ic. Whoever wins…. gets 3ic. This poll ends Friday, December 18th.

Houndy and the TACO Leaders


21 Responses

  1. I think thum because shes active as hell and stuff thum congratz to you shes on the chat 24/7

  2. hmm i say thum she on chat and is active like crap

  3. go thumbee go thumbee

  4. damn thum winning like hell

  5. Thumbee definently deserves to be 3ic(:

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  7. I think Mcrfan deserves to be 3ic cuz she has been in tacos for a long time..*_*

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  9. Go Thumbee!

  10. Thumbee like I said in my first comment I am rlly happy ur gonna win you totally deserve it(;

  11. Thumbee rockz! plss vote for her!

  12. Good Luck !

  13. dang….im screwed


  15. i think thumbee cause she is on chat like every day and she is active

  16. Dear Tacos,

    Sorry for this, but I’m going to have to either delete or postpone the PB with FW. It’s too close to Christmas, so basically barely anyone from both sides are going to be there. Sorry, again.

    =Pringle, FW Leader=

  17. go thumbee you rock the world!!!!!:)

  18. awww ok

  19. thum u rock i love u ur soooo prety but xd band me from ur chat

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