Invasion of Cold Snap Review

Hello Tacos! Well first of all, great invasion! We were able to invade it without any trouble, so I declared as Cold Snap as Ours! Welcome Cold Snap! Now let get started with the review. We had over 20 Tacos in battle at Cold Snap Check it out!


Pretty awesome invasion right? Well here is the list of penguins who received medals during this invasion:

  • Thumbee
  • Thepenguinkl
  • Lopii
  • Mrbaseeball27
  • Mcrfan780065
  • Pighorsecow
  • Superman2808
  • Zeldapink
  • Goh Laser
  • Warrior772
  • Redrarehound
  • Bowser50732
  • Halofan101
  • Hbknathan
  • Waldy100
  • Platinum3605

I know am missing some for sure, so if you aren’t in this list and were in the invasion, just leave a comment and I’ll double-check the pictures and see if your penguins is there. Overall, great invasion, but one problem! IMAF thinks they own Cold Snap as well. They’ve said that without even invading it. O.o So that an issue there, but believe or not, Cold Snap is now a server of the Tacos. Good-Job Tacos. Comment if you came.



11 Responses

  1. great invasion tacos

  2. I came! I was in one of the pictures and the CHAT whats up with that!

  3. awsome invasion xD we did good

  4. Im sorry I could not make it =(

  5. im in almost every picture XD

  6. I thoguht I could make it, but i got pulled of the compter from my parents! I’m really sorry, I will try to come to futur ones 🙂

  7. lol that was a fun invasion :D! tacos totally owned O_O
    -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Head Colonel) ~RCP mod~

  8. I was there 😀

  9. Sweet I got a medal

  10. We own Cold Snap. I do not want to trigger a war between us, so may we please talk for a compromise?

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