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Red Retires

Houndy: Well, I guess…. this post is so similar to a post I republished on foxcpnews.wordpress.com O_O

Akatsuki edit:Noooo Red why did you quit 😦

Edit:Mrbaseball quits too and comes back .roll.

I quit.Seriously armies for like a 6 year old game.Why waste away your life on a computer when you can be out there spending time with your family.I pretty much have nothing else to say except suki you take my place.One day when i’m bored as **** i might come on this old computer and maybe ask soon to be a great leader houndy if i could lead with him,but the chances that will happen is 40%.

~~Teh Noob~~


20 Responses

  1. aww bye forever crys

  2. Buh bye red *waves* lol

  3. 6 year old game O_o

  4. lol

  5. again, red? isnt this like the 3rd or 4th time u retired?

  6. awww red….. you were my favorite taco…. 😦 ….. put in a good word for me, will ya? 😉 . well, ill cya sometime. no wait, i wont. heh heh 😦 . well..,. au revoir…………. -Pighorsecow(sad, but Proud Taco Head Colonel)

  7. Red*crys*

  8. 😥 Bye Red, have fun with your family!

  9. red y did u quit!! man this isnt right! tacos isnt tacos with out u

  10. Great site. Great information. Thank you

  11. six year old game bored as shit or hell it is just too much. im happy u quit. doesnt mean u can say this in public where ” 6 year olds” can see it. so yea. GOOD BYE RED.

  12. and one thing its a waste 4 u to quit. why? because all ur hard work is gone. down the drain. not my life urs. and u choose ur dicesion

  13. good luck surviving

  14. cold, alone , no food


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