Nachos are raiding Fjord

Hey guys.Suki here.You see Luc came to riffy chat and told me that Get the tacos at fjord.It seems it is nachos cause in OA(orange alliance) chat they say its nachos.Also ACP is helping the Nachoz for some reason.This battle might help you get higher ranks.If the server is full i’m sorry for that.But war has ended.Good job My Taco Comrades.Who are we…..?WE ARE TACOS!


11 Responses

  1. i was there

  2. Riffy we had a party at 19:56 today for tacos at sherbert on the beach

  3. =D ur first post here xD srry i had to go near the begining of the battle

  4. Nice post! I was there to fight, and will keep on fighting 😀

  5. Nice Post!

  6. He Didn’t Know What Army He Was In…

  7. How Can Nachos raid Fjord? It is our server..
    I am confused.

  8. Work on your grammar and spelling cause is not a word……

  9. i was in the battle

    it was fun

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