JUSTIN AND STONECOLD ARE THE NEW 2ICS! The new 3ics will be discussed tomorrow.

Justin1901 Edit: Houndy is right!All of us have been fighting just for a position.Thats pothetic!I say Houndy picks who gets to be the 2ic!Houndy you better make it fast before Tacos get out of control!

This is the most pathetic thing ever.

When I come on today, Mcr (Pretty much our 4ic) tells me that chat has gone out of control. Why? Because people are fighting over the 2ic spot that Suki is leaving behind.

First of all, 2 days after you come in to Tacos you retire? Really? If you come back you get a mod rank. I don’t want this ‘Coming back and getting the same rank’. That’s crap. And Red, you chose a guy who wasn’t even an OWNER for your spot. Choose Justin or Stonecold. Jeez, think a little bit.

Justin deserves to be 2ic. Why? Loppi and Warrior aren’t Owner Ranks. Nuff Said

Do the poll below.. ignore my opinion if you wish.



10 Responses

  1. it cuz i defeated mrbaseball so i got to be a 2ic

  2. Houndy you are my best friend(:

  3. Houndy how sweet of you.. xD

  4. dance for peace i dont really care who wins sbut they betetr have good experience and bea ctive

  5. My Dream came true 😀

  6. lol i hope i get loppis old position smirks

  7. if he becomes 3ic

  8. gosh red y so harsh 😐

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