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    Hola, am Riffy8888, you can call me as Riffy, Riff, Riffsterz, or whatever you want related to my name xD. I joined Club Penguin around July 12th of 2008. I am know for my Club Penguin Cheats Site I own and of course, me the creator of the Tacos. The Tacos all started out on April 2009. I Join most of this army stuff around December 2008. Then after a while, i decided making my own army, and there how Tacos got created. Hope we can meet one day, you can easily find me at our chat or just contact me by email. It great to meet you all.

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Taco Awards of 2009!

New Post Below!

Hello Tacos!

Well I have counted all the votes!Now some of them are a tie.Please don’t get mad if you are not on the winner list we will have one next year!So now im glady announcing the winner of the Taco Awards!The people in Bold is the winner the ppl in regular ink is the nomminess!Put your hands together for the winners!

  1. Who was the best leader in  battle or etc?Riffy8888,Houndy,Justin1901,Stonecold,Riffy8888 and Stonecold were in a tie of 2!
  2. Who was a loyal Taco all the way from the start?Justin1901,Stonecold,Mcrfan,Houndy,Mrbaseball27,Mcrfan with 3 votes!
  3. Funniest Taco!Justin1901,Riffy8888,Red Turtle35,Houndy,Stonecold,Stonecold won with 3 votes!
  4. Most Active taco!Thumbee,Stonecold,Mcrfan,Houndy,Mrbaseball,Justin1901,It seems Justin1901 and Thumbee were in a tie with 2 votes!
  5. Taco Noob!You pick who you think it was!Red Turtle with 2 votes I think
  6. Biggest Retirement!Red Turtle35,You can pick who you think!Red Turtle
  7. Best New Taco!Thumbee,Mcrfan,Mrbaseball,Thumbee!
  8. Taco Respect person!Thumbee,Justin1901,Riffy8888,Houndy,Stonecold,Mcrfan,MrBaseball27,Riffy8888!
  9. Never Give up Taco!Thumbee,Riffy8888,Houndy,Mcrfan,Stonecold,Thumbee and Stone tied with 2!
  10. Most Memroable Event of the year!You Choose!Well I honestly think it was the invasion of our captial Beanie!

Well Thanks to all who participated!Dont worry if your not a winner there is always one next year besides we are all winners!Now some people got 2 awards and thats ok!Now I would like to give a round of appaluse to the winners!I hope you have a happy new year!And remember this had been the Taco Awards of 2009! Welcome 2010!



Justin1901 (TCP 2ic)


24 Responses

  1. 1: Riffy8888
    2: Houndy
    3: Stonecold
    4: Mrbaseball 🙂
    5:Mrbaseball xD
    6: Red Turtle35
    7: Thumbee
    8:Everyone But mostly Riffy8888
    9: Thumbee
    10: When we WON cold snap 😀

  2. ill answer the rest tomarow, but i have to do 6 now: Definatly Red because EVERYONE knows he had like 3 of 4 retirements from the tacos XD

    • ok, so: 1:Justin1901
      5:(cant decide XD)
      and finally, #10:When Ze Alliance CRUSHED the crew (who are now back(dun dun…..DUNNNNN!!!))

  3. yeah i know huh XD


  5. me gets new gravitar(I think)

  6. 1.Who was the best leader in battle or etc?
    2.Who was a loyal Taco all the way from the start?Houndy
    3.Funniest Taco!
    4.Most Active taco!
    5.Taco Noob!
    6.Biggest Retirement!
    Red Turtle35
    7.Best New Taco!
    8.Taco Respect person!
    9.Never Give up Taco!
    10.Most Memroable Event of the year!
    Ze alliance

  7. Who was the best leader in battle or etc?
    -Either Riffy888 or Stonecold.

    Who was a loyal Taco all the way from the start?
    -Mcrfan *Blushes* XD

    Funniest Taco!
    -Ummm……Either Houndy er Stonecold.

    Most Active taco!
    -Mcrfan and Thumbee XD

    Taco Noob!
    – Red Turtle 0.0

    Biggest Retirement!
    -Nobody’s retirement was like BOOM OMG……but I guess Red Turtle 0.0

    Best New Taco!

    Taco Respect person!
    -Idk what this means so I am really confused but I am gonna say Mcrfan, Stonecold, and Houndy. 😀

    Never Give up Taco!

    Most Memroable Event of the year!
    -Ummm…….*Thinks* Houndy helped me with this one….Invasion of Beanie 😀

    Good luck to yall(: – Mcrfan78065

  8. 1. Houndy
    2. Houndy
    3. Red Turtle35
    4. Houndy
    5. Riffy8888
    6. Red Turtle35
    7. Mrbaseball
    8. Houndy
    9. Houndy
    10. Battle vs Crew

  9. you deleted my comment :@

  10. Cool post lol. Thanks for telling me the new info.



    (Real Club Penguin Moderators are there, too!)

  11. Who was the best leader in battle or etc?

    Who was a loyal Taco all the way from the start?

    Funniest Taco!
    Houndy Stonecold

    Most Active taco!
    Stonecold & Justin

    Taco Noob!
    Red Turtle

    Biggest Retirement!
    -Nobody’s retirement was like BOOM OMG……but I guess Red Turtle 0.0

    Best New Taco!
    Thumbee(: shes awesome

    Taco Respect person!
    I should say Mcrfan,Stonecold

    Never Give up Taco!
    Stonecold DUH he never gives up 🙂

  12. oh yeah most mermorable uhhhhhh hmm probally invasion of beanie same with mcrfan

  13. Lol foofe for the reitrement u copied wat i said XDDD

  14. lol i know i did and i didnt mean to so i wil do it again XD

    Best Leader?

    Who was a loyal taco all the way from the start?
    Mcrfan..She always shows up in all the pictures i see XD

    Funniest Taco?

    Active Taco?

    Taco Noob?
    Mr.BaseBall XD

    Biggest Retirement?
    Uhh there no one i can think of but REd Turtle 😐

    Best New Taco?
    Thums shes always there and she the best

    Taco Respect Person?
    Stonecold Houndy

    Never Give up taco?
    Houndy Stonecold

    Biggest memmorie
    There so freakin many idk what one to choose!

  15. woot congrats to our winenrs uw in a smothie at dairy queen gives ice cream

  16. YOU ALL FAIL 😥

  17. hello guys when we were on chat dudex and shaboomboom asked us to help acp they said if we did they would recruit all these soilders for us which we really need we have a handful of active tacos we have the leaders all active but we have like 11 tacos active not including leaders and this might help us get back into top 10 me and thumbee are trying to pc reaper asking if we should help acp but he wont answer justin houndy and riffy arent on chat at the moment so if one of the 2ic or riffy read this please pc us saying if we should or not thank you that was my longest comment yet XD

  18. ya, um, its not letting me comment on the invasion of DRACP page, so, ill be there

  19. ill be there to eats a taco

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