Enough with Changing!

Justin1901:Riffy you need to be more active because we are losing Tacos! If you want Tacos to be a good army be mroe active!We are only changing positions because you dont even know whats going on at all and if you actualy looked on cp and look at the new people in the ranks you would see they deserve it.

Hound: First of all, I think (No Offense) Red caused this mess with putting Suki in, then Suki made a dramatic ending and our leadership was messed up. The current 2ics and 3ics are the same.

Well first off all, this week has been going crazy with who is changing who on 3ic and 2ic and 4ic, etc. Well I am tried of all that, for now on, you have to get my approval for any chaning position. This has been getting people to fight all crazy, make a scene, mess up the whole ranks..

So yeah, for now on, contact me before changing or moving something. You can contact me by email riffycp@yahoo.com or by our chat.

And yes, our contruction is taking a while. Thank-You for your patients.



9 Responses

  1. Enter your army in the CPAW H2H tournament http://armyworldcp.wordpress.com/2009/12/26/h2h-tournament/

  2. Noaw im confused *Ono*

  3. hope construction going well

  4. hey blame suki.i can pick whoever i want to take my place and suki screewedup not my ffault

  5. Sorry Riffy… Plus Red it is your fault u came back 3 or 4 times after retiring. So thats all that i got to say on this… So REAPER OUT!

  6. this has nothing to do with retiring 3 or 4 times hahahahahahahahaha

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