I had Enough!

Edit:Well you should have told us Houndy would be leader or Houndy shoulve posted this because I was getting tired of waiting also Happy new years Riffy :)!

Riffy8888 Edit: First of all, don’t say nothing if you don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t been active because I been doing a dang project for the Tacos for the site. I’ve told Houndy to post this and that because I’ve been so busy lately. So if you don’t appreciate what am doing then might as well give up. Houndy is in lead right now till the end of this week which is the day my project is finish. Happy New Years Justin 🙂


Tacos re not a good army because your not active!Now please be active and stop caring about your site for once and care about Tacos!You need to Put Tacos in front of your site for once!We are losing more people each day all because your not active!Riffy if your no active please choose a new leader you can still be adviser or deshiner!Just please either bemore active or get a new Leader! FAIL.



7 Responses

  1. justin! riffy is a grate leader he is not active because he doesnt have time!!!

  2. moo i dont know im confused right now

  3. also i think Mrbaseball27 was there too.

  4. im 60% with Justin because the other 40%, im kinda confused

  5. i am 99% w/ justin and if riffy doesn’t be actie i would be a leader for ya xD

  6. Justin Riffy s trying to do something for the tacos this time he is putting tacos after his site hes not done yet and hes wroking really hard so thats why hes not active

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