Invasion of DRACP

The alliance against ACP has come to us. We will be helping UMA invade Grizzly and Avalanche.

January 2nd (Saturday)

4:30 P.m Pst, 5:30 P.m Mst, 6:30 P.m Cst, 7:30 P.m Est, 12:30 A.m UK

Avalanche, Town (We’ll start off at Avalanche first, then invade Grizzley.)

Comment if you can make it. You better.



11 Responses

  1. I prolly can

  2. will be there

  3. Dont you think we should practice?

  4. Goh Laser1 will be there for sure

  5. cpa kicked tacos out of top 10….

  6. Houndy r u insane? ACP is number one army of the year! WE ARNT EVEN PART OF TOP TEN ANYMORE!

  7. Idiots we’re number 10 🙄

  8. no we arent PDW repalced us

  9. we probably top medium army

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