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    Hola, am Riffy8888, you can call me as Riffy, Riff, Riffsterz, or whatever you want related to my name xD. I joined Club Penguin around July 12th of 2008. I am know for my Club Penguin Cheats Site I own and of course, me the creator of the Tacos. The Tacos all started out on April 2009. I Join most of this army stuff around December 2008. Then after a while, i decided making my own army, and there how Tacos got created. Hope we can meet one day, you can easily find me at our chat or just contact me by email. It great to meet you all.

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Tacos Practice Review + Upcoming PB Soon!

Hello Tacos!

Justin1901 Here with some news about the practice. Well when the practice started I wasn’t there so I was kinda in the beginning part of the start. When I got on we first started out short but then we gained more people. We actually has a amount of 15-20. We only has 15-20 because we never posted the practice. So if we has scheduled the practice we would get 30-40. Anyway, Here are a few pics I got from the practice. I only got a few pictures because I was to busy to take pictures because I was leading. Only 3 pics taken.

Sorry if pics are blurry did not have enough time to edit.

It was a pretty awesome practice! Just a few reminders that we are invading Snowfall tomorrow I think. We also have a upcoming PB with GW. If not a PB we will have a battle with GW for the 4’th Rank Army spot. So those are just a couple of reminders. Well it was a awesome practice. Taco of the recruit was XD98. Congrats! Also anyone at the recruit has earn 4 medals!

Your Taco 2’ic,



It’s time for a 3 letter word to be spoken… WAR!

We are declaring war on ACP. You want to know reasons? Well here’s why

This ACP high rank taunts us..stupid.

Dry calls me a bad leader....

Well you see the reasons. An ACP high rank called us a n00b army, and Dry called me a crappy leader, so let’s do something. WAR.

This is OUR time to shine. Time to kick butt.



8 UK





Be sure to make it, it is the most important battle in Tacos history. No allies, just 1 v 1 action baby.


Protection Of Mukluk TOTAL WIN!

Riffy8888 Edit: Nice Job to all the Tacos, we sure did win and still own Mukluk. But until further notice, HSA and the Tacos called off this invasion/war. Thank-You all for understanding and great job Tacos, we’d had over 30 Tacos online. What even more impressive to me, the reminder to depend Mukluk was posted a few hours today and still reach a today of 30 Tacos, this proves we still have many Tacos active in less than a couple hours, Tacos has pwned once again.

Tacos Pwned All On mukluk Today It was Like 20-13 people (The tacos Had 20)


These two are made by Goh Laser1

And look x]

Thank you All tacos that went You will Earn 5 MEDALS!! Thanks tacos and goodbye 🙂

Defense of Mukluk

Late notice. Come to battle. OR ELSE.

Invasion of Mukluk

When: January 28th Thursday

Where: Mukluk all around


6:30 est

5:30 cst

4:30 mst

3:30 pst

7:30 atlantic

11:30 uk


BTW, someone take pics, I probably won’t make it.


Justin1901: Sorry couldn’t make it I had basketball practice. =/

Hello Tacos! We have finished our recruit this evening and had a very huge turnout for a post that was only up here for only 1 day! Impressive! I know many of you couldn’t attend it because we posted it for only a day. But that the true test on how many Tacos visit our site often. But anyways, check out the pictures I took of the recruiting we did today!

We started at the Town which we had about around 15- 18 Tacos. Nice!

Then we’ve moved to Dock. Here it looks like we recruit about 2 extra Tacos. Nice!

Then we moved to Cove where we made a line all across the pool. Many Tacos got lost in this session because we tooted through beach to cove and many Tacos were confused and were going everywhere in CP.

Overall, great recruting. Will be having a practice battle this week. So look foward to that. Also here are the people who got the medals!

Stonecold301, Pighorsecow, Bowser50782, Mcfan78065, Icce2222, Blue11098, Popcorn402, Violet4008, Xd93, Crazedfire31, P112911053, Rice Dumetie.

I know there a bunch missing, it because those were the only ones I could see in the pictures above, the rest are covered by other names, so please if you came please comment with your penguin name and say you were in this recruit. Also any new recruits, comment here to add you to the ranks, overall great recruting Tacos!

We will eat you, till your finished -Tacos

Taco Project Finished!

Hello Tacos, Riffy8888 here. After months of making Images, raising money, and getting help from many penguins, the Taco Project is finally done! Thanks to Harv for getting my WordPress CSS started. Could of not done it, without him. Thanks Bro. But always, we have lots of new thing in the Tacos, more recruits, new look, new widgets, new pages, new banner, everything

I was pretty lucky to finish putting it all in one in less than 2 days. So now I want you to vote below and tell if how much you like it. Vote now!

Now also comment your opinion on the new site!

We will eat you alive, till your finished. -Tacos


I will Not quit IF i can keep My 3ic, Riffy Edit this Post saying we can ALL keep are spots or me, and justin WILL quit :p