FR Battle Reveiw!

Mrbaseball27 Here and i got to say we PWNED FR! It was a awesome battle many things happened tacos had around 13-20 penguins there FR had 10-15 😀 Here are some pics of are win!

See Don’t You think we Won? I do Comment And say who you think won tacos! Well Bye tacos I hope you enjoyed the battle it was AWESOME! You should of been there. And Justin Don’t Quit. ~Mrbaseball27 Tacos 3ic


6 Responses

  1. We pwned those Weirdos!

  2. yea!!!!!!!!!

  3. We pwned and I was there

  4. we pwned i was there and when you got the pic of the red chat i was the one that said I WANT TO FIRE… so ya! awesome battle we won they ran tacos pwn and are awesome with cheese! -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Major General)

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