Recruit/Battle Reveiw!

Hello Tacos,

Well Today we had a recruit.It was scheduled to be a recruit but when we got on Mukluk Snow Forts there was a battle. I think it was Fire Rebel Army Vs Snow Warriors! Well Snow Warriors retreated to a different place while we stayed at snow forts to recuit! Well the Fire Rebels attacked us so it was time to battle back!Well I thought this was just a pg then it got ugly.We then went to the mine and I think thats where the big battle finaly started.Here are some pics of the Recruit/Battle

This is the massive Too attack we did to Rebels.Sorry if too blury I didn’t get enough time to do thse pics.

Again Pic is blurry but this is a pic of us at the mine saying Red Fail!

War Face!

Well that is mostly all the pics to the battle!Im proud of all the Tacos that came! Im awarding 5 Medals ffor this battle!

Major Changes coming soon,

Justin1901 (TCP 2ic)


3 Responses

  1. that battle was awsome so awsome we pwned them

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