Recruit Reveiw!

Hello Tacos,

Well Today we had a recruit if you see it was scheduled today.Anyway  we were realy good!I was leading with Stonecold31 and we turned out to have a medium turnout!We had over 16 Tacos only + a few that join from cp so maybe 20!Anyway I managed to get some pics of our recruit Here are some!

This is when the recruit started we went to the town and did a line we had 11 people in this line!

This is a Joke Bomb we did I think we had 15 people in the J bomb and when we stopped the J bomb only a few random cp people were left it was mostly Tacos.

This is a circle we did around the water at the cove this is when we started to get more people!

This is a line we did at the cove we had alot of people =D!

we then went to the Iceberg and did war face we had alot of people you can even see!

We then did a Toot Bomb at the ice berg again alot of ppl!

We ended by doing this!This is a get well for Riffy because he is sick. Get weel Riffy Tacos miss you!

So thats how we ended our battle!And also I got a great idea from the Tacos!We have a Taco of the recruit!Well I did some re search and saw I saw one person who was following all order and not messing up any Tactic!Our Taco of the Recruit is Nintendocp12!Congrats Nintendo!And since you are Taco of the recruit you get one extra medal which is 5 for you and 4 for the other Tacos!Dont worry if you did not get pick there is always next time!Anyway Goodjob Tacos we are rising back to the top!

Well Done,

Justin1901 (TCP 2ic)

P.S The changes are taking long so please be patient!


7 Responses

  1. Awesome Recruit!

  2. tahnks for making me taco of day that was a great practice tacos and Riffy hope u get weel soon

  3. i mean taco of recruit lol

  4. Glad you liked the Taco of the (insert taco event here) idea! and congrats to nintendo! the first taco of the (well, you get the idea)! youll go down in history! -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Major General)!!!!

  5. yes i will lol im rudulph

  6. Dude I’m back finally got internet back!!!!anyway Bladerox got Banned by a hacker so i dont got taco stuff no more can u help?

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