Invasion of Cloudy!

Hello Tacos,

Well today I heard there were new servers and not much of CP Armies heard about it! We already invaded Sparkle so we decided to invade another server! And due to the 24 hour invading rule we are invading Tommorow! Here is the info!

When: January 5, 2010

Server: Cloudy xD

Where:  Town

Time: 2:00 Pm PST

Since Im not gonna be at the invasion due to Football practice I put Stonecold31 incharge of the invasion! Dont let me down Tacos!

Your 2ic,



4 Responses

  1. ill be there

  2. will be there u like football

  3. aww thank you for making it hour after school but try to get it fdone before 6 30 i wont be here

  4. wont let u down!

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