The Ice Warriors and Tacos Alliance!

 Edit: I talked to Icey and due to Tacos in the orange allience we are still OA. We are are still with Iw but we are mostly OA!

Red Edit:Look I know I’m not part of this army but there is something realy messed up here.For starters Iw and OA are completely on 2 different sides and I think that IW still has a grudge against OA.So justin you pick you go with iw or oa.

Hello Tacos,

Well today Me and Icey were talking today and we were first gonna chedule a battle for sparkle ( A server we now share) And Icey and I decided we both kinda have a equal ammount of warriors in each army. So we formed an alliance that is now called Ice Tacos xD! We are now stronger and larger because of the ultimate alliance. Im sure this will affect the Tacos very much. I hope we can get along with IW warriors because we are gonna be having some new recruits. Also remember this is another change I didn’t expect myself! More changes coming soon!

Your Taco 2ic and a Ice Taco Leader,



5 Responses

  1. woot woot go iw and tacos woot woot yay

  2. im guessing theres no battle to nite 😦

  3. sorry for being un-active…

  4. Yay!Im iw.

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