Invasion of Cloudy and Berg + Massive Recruiting!

Justin1901 Edit:Welcome back Riffy and just to tell you during our invasion of begrg we would be recruiting because usualy when we recruit we dont some tactics also lol.Also Just to tell you I will be at the battle! Im 100% sure! See ya there Riffy ;)!

Riffy8888 Edit: Well I heard we already invaded Cloudy soo Were not Invading Cloudy anymore, were just invading BERG! That right I repeat were just invading BERG! So meet up at Berg! The post will change soon. Thanks also for the Tacos who supported me and help me out while I was sick.

Hello Tacos!

Well many of you ask why I am not active, well I really been active by putting the ultimate project for the Tacos and that why I left Houndy for the Job, but now am back! So just ot clear everyone minds lol. Yes I ‘ve been sick these couple of days and still am, but I wanted to do an invasion and a massive recruiting! So here are the details! Every taco has to come!

Ok guys this is very important! Every Taco must attend! If you attend we guarantee you might get promoted on the months promo! If you don’t attend we guarantee you might get your rank lowered. This is very important! We expect up to 40 Tacos to be in this event! We will start at Berg. So please help us and tell every Taco this event and to stick note it on there face 😛 While were invading them, were also gonna do recruiting during the invasion! Check the Tactics for what to say when your recruiting. Be on the chat 30 minutes earlier so I can give orders. This event will be huge! This is the rise of the Tacos!

*The Taco Project I’ve been working on will be released this Friday or Saturday


Mrbaseball27 Edit: Welcome Back Riffy, We missed you and We Can WIN cloudy with you 😉 C-Ya Riffy.


13 Responses

  1. Wow, I guarantee you Riffy 40 tacos wont go. In the decades end tourney in the finals IW only had like 45 troops, and in a PB they have about 25 and their the second largest army in CP and Tacos isnt even on the Top Ten. Just 40 tacos cant go to an invasion :/

  2. I can come. Ill tell iceninja because hes been a private since september, and hes my friend.

  3. i made it to the cloudy invasion and i will make this one 😀

  4. Glad to have you back Riffy! 😀
    I’ll be there(:

  5. Hello Everyone and glad to have u back riffy! Oh and Perry we are in the top 10 thanks to all of the Tacos that have neem active…. and yes i shall be there

  6. wooot promotion? 😀 even though im high a promotion can make anyone really happy 🙂 . ok so if we have a reasonable excuse is it ok to miss? because things ALWAYS pop up for me :/… so ill tell you what happens! rock on riffy! -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Major General)

  7. woot will be there scream woot this is the rise imagine we have peasants riffy

  8. yay reaper ur break was quick lol

  9. Lets do this;)

  10. i came

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