PB with Nachos? What the Heck?

Hello Tacos. Well recently Nachos has posted that were having a PB with them because we were invading Fjord. Uhh.. when was this? So later this day, they made a PB with us without even telling us about it. So I was like, what the heck? So if they want a PB, I’ll be talking to them soon today.

Anyways. The Taco Project I promise will have to be done somewhere this weekend because were having problems on something you’ll have to wait till it comes out. It most likely to come out this Thursday. Sorry for the delay.



9 Responses

  1. Oh no… I don’t know what a,”PB” is but earlier today someone said,”ALL TACOS TO FJORD SNOWFORTS!”. So I went was the only one there. :-| And since I’m homescooled I had to get off.

  2. ill be there

  3. Sorry bout that riffy a noobish army challeneged us to fight on fjord to get Nachos mad at us so i guess they declared a PB.. and ill be there

  4. Nickel pb means practice battle k

  5. hi! im philbeet and some of you might have gone to my cheat site! i wanted to have my army to allie with the tacos of cp beacause i think the tacos are awesome! my army site is

  6. I would be honored for ur army to be an ally for my army. The army site is http://www.wille298.wordpress.com.I only have one ally so far,and thats the yeti squad.Id love u to be an ally!!

  7. I commented a while back in January. When it says 298 thats my fault. It should be 29. Thought
    i’d just letcha no

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