My Final Practice…

Stonecold301 Reitring? Be at the Practice and after the practice he will tell the whole story.

Justin1901 has a special Annoucement at the practice be there!

Hello Tacos,

Well recently we have not been very active. I understand that we are losing more Taco each day.Thats why I have scheduled a Practice Today (MLK Day).This is also my final practice because I have decided to quit Tacos of CP. So I Just wanted to at least do something before my retirement.SO Its Practice Time! I expect all the 35-40 Tacos to be at the practice! We will be testing out some new Tactics! Here is the info to the practice.

When: January 18, 2010 (MLK DAY)

Where: Mukluk, Snow Forts

Time: 3:00 Pm PST

Meet Us at Tacos chat 15 minutes before Battle!

Comment if you can make it also comment if you are not able to make it also Comment and wish me a Happy B Day Tommorow LOL!

Your Retired 2ic (Co-Leader)



10 Responses

  1. My B-Day =D

  2. I can make it . And Justin I wish u best wishes in you B Day

  3. can we do a star tactic all the tacos make lines to amke a star

  4. i can make it.happy B-Day tommorow Justin.Good Luck with any other armies u were a great co leader

  5. Well I will try…..
    I have softball.
    I’ll try though.

  6. ill try, but i have homework.

  7. justin… ill be there… remember that time i was there and you were there and you had fire warriors taken out of your name? that was fun. i thought you meant it. but hey, nothing means anything anymore… well i try to avoid that but i should stop talking. ill be there… -Pighorsecow (Proud Tacos Major General) PS: im sad

  8. hey penguins ive made a new army….
    please join
    click on m name to join

  9. happy late birthday cause its the 20th now

  10. I love your site name. It’s cool. I think you like taccos!

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