Defense of Mukluk

Late notice. Come to battle. OR ELSE.

Invasion of Mukluk

When: January 28th Thursday

Where: Mukluk all around


6:30 est

5:30 cst

4:30 mst

3:30 pst

7:30 atlantic

11:30 uk


BTW, someone take pics, I probably won’t make it.



7 Responses

  1. go us Boo HSA

  2. Riffy im coming

  3. I’m coming riffy but I might not be able to come on chat

  4. Mukluk is for tacos alone !!!! and we are ready to fight for Mukluk !!!! i’m coming 101% sure !!! XP

  5. I’m Coming To We Will Win The Fight For Mukluk!

  6. im coming to but still i got first comment rofl

  7. I cant come 100 percent sure i have to get my fulls et of braces

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