Protection Of Mukluk TOTAL WIN!

Riffy8888 Edit: Nice Job to all the Tacos, we sure did win and still own Mukluk. But until further notice, HSA and the Tacos called off this invasion/war. Thank-You all for understanding and great job Tacos, we’d had over 30 Tacos online. What even more impressive to me, the reminder to depend Mukluk was posted a few hours today and still reach a today of 30 Tacos, this proves we still have many Tacos active in less than a couple hours, Tacos has pwned once again.

Tacos Pwned All On mukluk Today It was Like 20-13 people (The tacos Had 20)


These two are made by Goh Laser1

And look x]

Thank you All tacos that went You will Earn 5 MEDALS!! Thanks tacos and goodbye 🙂


7 Responses

  1. Awesome! (first comment and we won)

  2. WOO HOO!!! WE WIN!!! I was there

  3. We pwned them….. IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WOOT!!! WE PWN AND TACOS ROCK!!!!!!!!! U DO TO, RIFFY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Although to the slitest belief, in a way I do think you use your fans from Riffy CP Chat, to help Tacos at times. But for HSA we don’t have that advantage, it was a fair win, It did make me angry that both Jeremy and Glass didn’t attend the Invasion when it was there idea. lol. I will leave it to them to decide what will happen next, but until then Tacos Keep Rockin 😛

    ~Texasgirl27 HSA 3ic

  6. Sorry I couldnt come I had an appoptiment Im sure Ill be at the next battle Im sorry dont demote me

  7. Wow. The only reason why you guys win is because your still a FAN CLUB. If it were non Riffy bitches then I garrentee that HSA would have kicked your guys asses. You know it, I know it, and all of CP Army Warefare knows it. So why not try and win without your little n00b fest Riffy. It might do you some good and you might get some actual respect.
    ~Blaze FW 3ic, GW 3ic (In Training) HSA 4ic
    Houndy: Screw you pointless, mindless, lifeless retard. You don’t have a right to call us bitches. So I have an idea for you. Shut Up.

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