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It’s time for a 3 letter word to be spoken… WAR!

We are declaring war on ACP. You want to know reasons? Well here’s why

This ACP high rank taunts us..stupid.

Dry calls me a bad leader....

Well you see the reasons. An ACP high rank called us a n00b army, and Dry called me a crappy leader, so let’s do something. WAR.

This is OUR time to shine. Time to kick butt.



8 UK





Be sure to make it, it is the most important battle in Tacos history. No allies, just 1 v 1 action baby.



37 Responses

  1. Maybe.

  2. will be there its our time to shine and nice idea with the usa map we should do that for every abttle and what acp said to us was there biggest mistake in their life

  3. lol i like the time zone map houndy :p. Tacos dont suck, im in ACP and that was just wrong.

  4. Houndy should have shown the whole story, WAR is fine but houndy forgot to tell you he called Saint, our leader a tyrant and and a dictator on main chat. Claimed it was his opinion, so we showed him our opinion. That did not set well with Houndy. He can only give an opinion, not accept one. So now Tacos are at war with ACP. This one invasion will not end it. ACP will invade every single day, server after server. You choice, let houndy’s ego destroy a fine army or tell houndy to get a grip on fairness. Let us know, we will be planning a weeks worth of invasions starting tomorrow. And they will be 24/7 invasions. UK, PT,MT,CT ET, GMT.
    Houndy: Isn’t it Saint’s ego that’ll “destroy” Tacos.

  5. Really? Your going to attack ACP just for that? That’s kind of; extreme. You don’t need to declare war on every army that insults you in any way. Plus, this is ACP your talking about…
    Houndy: And you have no guts to declare war. Hmm?

    • I tried to tell him to use some common sense, he refused, say’s the Tacos will go down fighting. I do not understand. He started it now wants you the Tacos to suffer for it.
      Houndy: Tacos wanted this war fool 😛

    • For what reason would I need to declare war on and what for?

  6. Uh . . .. . .

    Its amazing what people say . . .

    something needs sorting out . . .

  7. Can’t wait. =)
    A Good sport… finally 😀

  8. I have a high chance of being there. Also houndy whenever ur on pc me i wish to speak to u on some buisness.

  9. YA!!! IM GONNA KICK SOME @$$!!!!

  10. I want war against your army for Cold front.If you want to here are the directions.

    Server:Cold front
    Time:4:00 PST

  11. uh its january 29th lol

  12. I ment the 30

  13. sorry Riffy i misunderstood the thing with the 3ics, but anyways did tht dude say we sucked, well tht strate up aint cool so and Houndy lets Destroy them for disrespecting Tacos like tht @:

  14. I suppose this means your ACP story is on hold, Houndy? D:
    Houndy: Thanks to Dry and Cool, yes 😥

  15. I don’t know if I can make it or not I’l try

  16. What server?

  17. Wtf is rong with u guys, both Tacos and ACP we have these armys for fun not to freakin destroy friends. But i guess I spoke a little late so this fight will never end.

  18. I will be there, also I think what coolguy said was very cruel and did not need to be said. Dryvit did not even need to get involved. And also he was owned, tacos have been improving greatly, yet he says they are falling.

    ~Donut67890 😀



    But good fight

  20. woah woah woah. wait a second. this was in JANUARY. why is it here? 😮

    i was confused, i thought i travelled back in time when i saw the date. this is way old, you should delete it and forget that it ever existed.

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