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Tacos Practice Review + Upcoming PB Soon!

Hello Tacos!

Justin1901 Here with some news about the practice. Well when the practice started I wasn’t there so I was kinda in the beginning part of the start. When I got on we first started out short but then we gained more people. We actually has a amount of 15-20. We only has 15-20 because we never posted the practice. So if we has scheduled the practice we would get 30-40. Anyway, Here are a few pics I got from the practice. I only got a few pictures because I was to busy to take pictures because I was leading. Only 3 pics taken.

Sorry if pics are blurry did not have enough time to edit.

It was a pretty awesome practice! Just a few reminders that we are invading Snowfall tomorrow I think. We also have a upcoming PB with GW. If not a PB we will have a battle with GW for the 4’th Rank Army spot. So those are just a couple of reminders. Well it was a awesome practice. Taco of the recruit was XD98. Congrats! Also anyone at the recruit has earn 4 medals!

Your Taco 2’ic,



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  1. Woot was there great Practice and Recruit Tacos remember to eb ehre tom

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