The Rise Of The Tacos

Tacos……after our second hacking we have been devastated thinking that we were a dead army left behind while the others slowey rose above us…….Well It Won’t happen. We Will Rise again and Not Be Left Behind In The Shadows. We Have another leader who is gonna help us rise again. I would like to congrats Saiyamanxc-Sai on becoming leader in order to help us rise again

                                                                             This Will Be The New Owner Ranks

Main Leaders: Houndy66, Bowser50732, Godplayer123, Saiyamanxc

2nd In Command-Sklooperis, Sunrizer, Branden, Thumbee

3rd In Command- Albaro Lord, Pighorsecow

Please Comment on your opinions and ways that we can improve.


2 Responses

  1. Thum quit until we get back in order…

  2. I’ve Been Grounded
    can I get my 3ic Spot
    I just got back

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