Rise of the Tacos-Recruit Session

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Hello Tacos, It’s me Bowser50732. As most of you have noticed we have been falling recently.o to start to rise again we will get mroe troops by having a recruit session. Here are the details for the Recruit Session

Recruit Session

When: June 20th 2010-Sunday

Server: Beanie

Room: Town

Times: 7:00 PM-EST

6:00 PM-CST

5:00 PM-MST

4:00 PM-PST

I expect at least 15 Tacos to make it is summer now and we shoudl all be more active. With these New Troops we will then have training session. So Look For Details on That-Bowser50732


12 Responses

  1. prob be dere

  2. not sure yet if i could come

  3. i will be there TACOS OF THE WORLD UNITE! etc

  4. what has happened to tacos o.o ………


  5. i think ill be there about 80 percent chance ill be there

  6. i can

  7. what chat are we going to be at

  8. where are you guys?

  9. is it cancelled because there are no tacos at the town

  10. how come no tacos ended up showing up.do we wanna get back on top or not?Only me and my friend pengo showed up.No leaders or 2ic and 3ic showed up.only a head colenel and someone who wants to join the tacos.

  11. guys, come on, start doing more posts. This is the newest one, published on june 15,, and its june 21. can we at least try?

  12. Imt he noly leaders whoa ctually active elft I couldnt amke it ebcause of relitives and becaus eof this dumb coup

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