New Chat!

Hello Tacos, New chat for the Tacos of club penguin!


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  2. Hello! If you would like to advertise your army come and comment on my advertising site!

    See ya!

    P.S- Please comment and tell me your army info in this format-

    1- Army Name
    2- Army Size
    3- Active Troops
    4- Capital Server
    5- Army Colours
    6- Link

  3. Schedual an event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. about time we have new chat

  5. Hi im from the Earth Warriors of Clubpenguinand i would like a battle. We will be invading mukluk on August 30th 12:00 noon eastern time heres the site comment if u agree.

  6. Just to make this straight to all invading armies the Tacos will not be perpicipating in any battle until we rebuild so do is a favor and invade someone else xxp

  7. I want Riffy back as the Leader! Tacos aren’t the same without him!

  8. Same he never comes on

  9. i hope we take that invasion invitation sorry im so inactive but i haven’t been getting any emails of any activities going on 😦 when are we gonna do something again? its sad seeing that the last post was on August 4th 😥

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