Taking Off User.

Why, are people taking me off. As, I heard I asked Redd, Why am I off the site? He said “Reaper told him not to add me back to the site so reaper, you tricked me into your trap Everyone will be Editor till this is fixed.



Author=3ic or senator

`Sky Tacos Leader.


10 Responses

  1. I, will add everyone back on as Admin but, before I am going to find out who took me off.

  2. ahhh whos gonna fill the new leader spot?????? and i also think we should kick houndy off and make the leaders just be swimmy and nint

  3. ok……. hmmm im not sure i want leader

  4. it was reaper who did it

  5. Swimmy im in controll fo the situation

  6. ahh…what is editor?

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