Fjord Frenzy

Also Swimmy Admin me Im Leader :/

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Alright some of you know about the Fjord Frenzy it’s a battle between tons of armies on Fjord and it is planned by the Nachos. If we do good we can get recongnized again. So here is the times and Stuff.

Tacos we are at the Mine



ANY OTHER ROOM (White)=any army, or for armies that’s can’t fit.

Aloha! The title says that there will be a Fjord Frenzy, anybody remember that? I’m pretty sure this will be the 2nd one because the Fjord Frenzy last year was canceled. Every army is invited on Fjord to have a battle just for the hell of it. I hope the armies have fun and I wish you good luck. The one in 08 was a success, make this year much better 

Where: Fjord

Rooms: Anywhere you want to battle

When: Sunday, September 5


2:00 P.M EST

1:00 P.M MST

12:00 P.M CST

11:00 A.M PST

??? P.M UK


Armies, please post this on your site if you will be participating. Also, comment if you can make it!

Alright I expect at least 30 Tacos to make it if you dont we might die I will give 10 medals to any Taco that makes it.-Bowser50732

Comment or Get Demoted

Post goes to Nachos-Map Picture Made by Pie


13 Responses

  1. I expect 30! O.o Who is leading it?

  2. Can’t come.
    I have school.

    -Gehshi G. Tyuknomi

  3. u haev school on sunday 0_0

  4. No .-.
    I have Guitar Lesson.

  5. Mabey

  6. Maybe


  7. as always i will try 🙂

  8. sexy map ill be there

  9. ill be there and btw i got a map for us that shows where we are

  10. I dont want a medal, i want to lead the damn thing …..

  11. just to clarify it is on a sunday

  12. IM LEADING IT XD if we dont get 5 Tacos are dead to me then

  13. oh my godness so sorry I didn’t come 😥

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