Hello all troops/army leaders!

Alfrondo146, (UMA Leader).

Was suspended from CP Armies for 6 months (like til March 2011) by the waddle squad. If Alfrondo146 shows up at ANY of UMA’s invasions UMA will lose automatically and could be knocked out of the major top 10.  All leaders of small/medium/large/ armies please post this on your armies website (s). Keep passing this post on, please. All armies must ban Alfrondo146 on there chats until 6 months has been up.  Alfrondo146 was suspended for scamming 4 troops from DCP and probably other armies. Proof was shown to the Waddle Squad from DCP Main Leader: Wwebestfan. Alfrondo146 may NOT has any contact with ClubPenguin Armies until 6 months has passed, (E.G. Can’t post on UMA site or be in any wars or on any army chats). 

Thanks For Reading!


3 Responses

  1. Hi JackJack2006 leader of an army called Earth Warriors and i would like to invade beanie from you guys heres the info
    September 12th 2:00 est see u there

  2. yowch! well i hope he don’t come here…

  3. with all do respect, Alfrondoo did nothing. It was the DCP leader, Brandon, who made alf look bad

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