Defense of Beanie


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Bowser50732/Nintendocp12 Edit: We will be getting on 30 mintues early to recruit and I might not make it due to soccer pictures so if I’m not there I need any available 2ic, 3ic, or Brandon or Sky to lead.

Hey Guys. So Some Army called Earth Warriors Decided  to invade our capital of Beanie. So we are gonna defend Beanie from them here are the details

Defense of Beanie


Server: Beanie

Starting Room: Town-To Recruit

Times: 2:00 pm-EST

1:00 pm-CST

12:00 pm-MST

11:00 am PST

Alright I expect atleast 10 to 15 Tacos to make it if you come you will get 15 medals.

Comment if your coming!


13 Responses

  1. i am coming

  2. I STILL Have Guitar Lessons on a Sunday.

  3. i might come

  4. i cannot come becuz of a party im going to. i wish you guys luck!

  5. did we win defense?

  6. No -_- cause we suck -_- and uhh we suck 😀

  7. i agree.this army aint wat it used 2 be.ever since riffy got kicked out of army weve been goin through thisi really dont want this army to die!!!

  8. y dont you guys merge into the Earth Warriors if u dont wanna die chat

  9. We arent merging into you u invaded us do you thinkw e are stupid 0_0

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