It Is Time For A RISE

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Ok….. I’m Back because I dont see any authors making posts. Ima make a whole new ownership cause barely anyone is active. We will also start a new type of daily recruiting-CP Recruiting and Xat Recruiting. Now we can get double the troops in recruiting and on xat we can use words that get you banned on CP like search or google. We might even be able to put the link to join in. I also wanna see the chat more active daily. I have noticed that alot of armys in the Top 10 have active chats. We Will also be invading back Beanie from EW when we get enough troops-so stay updated on that. Also please check the site about every other day for events and please comment if you can come or not. Also be truthful-I am really getting tired of people not staying true to their word. Get ready Tacos our time is now to R I S E from the dead.-Bowser50732/Nintendocp12 

Comment on the Rise of the Tacos and what you think! 



6 Responses

  1. sounds good to me 😉

  2. Maybe I could be an author. I would always post,be active and never betray u. Just ask Goofysoccer. I have been trying to get a good rank,and be an author here for a long time. I joined every single army to show u that I can stay loyal even too all those armies! Here if u wanna ask Goofy heres the link.


  3. I put your banner on my site and recruited at the town! I hope we get more great soldiers!

  4. We are going to R I S E!

  5. srry tacos 2g was created during ur death but we shall have war if u guys wanna we are the most powerful army
    ~Mumble85151~Tacos 2g shall RISE before you guys

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