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    Hola, am Riffy8888, you can call me as Riffy, Riff, Riffsterz, or whatever you want related to my name xD. I joined Club Penguin around July 12th of 2008. I am know for my Club Penguin Cheats Site I own and of course, me the creator of the Tacos. The Tacos all started out on April 2009. I Join most of this army stuff around December 2008. Then after a while, i decided making my own army, and there how Tacos got created. Hope we can meet one day, you can easily find me at our chat or just contact me by email. It great to meet you all.

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Retirement of Bowser50732/Nintendocp12 and the end of the Tacos.

 Hello everyone, today is probably gonna be my last post. I have decided to retire, and to end the Tacos. Let’s face it we will never be able to rise again. So I will be putting this site and keeping it in army history. I wanna thank a few people first though.

Special Thanks:

Sai-One of my first friends in the army world-Moo!

Albaro-Haha I remember them days of the casino-thanks for always being there man.

Sunrizer: Probably my BFF on xat I always lovedd making jokes with you!

Rox-Another good friend of mine

Becky-One of my closest friends on xat I can tell you anything

Godplayer-Alpaca! One of the most inspirational people out there

Panthers-Panties-Ok  dude why did u want me to buy a penguin!

Dude-Justin-Hug Yay!

Houndy- Mavs Suck Joking dude im joking!

Justin- Thank You for the 2ic >:D

Loppi-Loppi I love that name

Ron-Dude remember that Pokemon Thing?

Jerry-Tom and Jerry!

Bommer-Probably the most coolest dude on earth

Brandon-WWEBestfan-Great  Guy and Leader

Well that is it I guess it is time for goodbye-Nintendocp12/Bowser50732 🙂

(He had the courage, the wisdom, and the power)


34 Responses

  1. aww noo. 😦 and where am i on that list? (d)

  2. well since were done, im probably gonna join another army. maybe :-\

  3. since ur basically dead dont u wanna merge not with my army well if ya want http://clubpenguinearthwarriors.wordpress.com

  4. Dude just stopa sking us to merge with you its anooying I saw some other people complaing about you commenting like 10 times on their site

  5. Nintendo, ill miss you. And like ginger, where am i on that list (DHAT)

  6. The APOCP is looking for armies to join their alliance to defeat the evil ACP. Even though you are no longer an army, please consider coming back to help the APOCP fight evil!

  7. i cant beleive its the end.i never got promoted from head colenel

  8. anyone who asks us to merge with them GET OUT WE WONT MERGE WITH YOU AND THATS THE END OF IT SO BYEBYE >_>



  10. Wow, forgot meh.

  11. I wanna keep the taco memory alive! Join here and e can start a new army with all the taco troops! Same army different name!Plz join my army. We look up to u guys as our role models! We are an army who loves having wars and battles and u WILL have alot of fun if u join us! U GUYS ROCK!



  12. this was an arny that realy spoke to me since you guyz have dide i wanna try to keep a little peice of you guyz in my army, so i was woundering if since you guyz died if i could keep your server beanie?

  13. Billy please let me continue Tacos just email me your response at tchase1211@gmail.com and make the subject:Tacos Army

  14. ew invaded beanie for no reasonc ause their leader wanted it -_-

  15. Hold it right there. Yes i know i made alot of mistakes in the past but i got UMA in top 10 and i can get Tacos in top 10 so give me ur rank and soon tacos will be back I promose

  16. I will not let tacos go down. I grew up in this army and learned from this army and i will use all the power i have to get them back.

  17. Dude Tacos are dead we not coming back -_-

  18. Why did you end the tacos? theres 27 comments already

  19. 19*

  20. If you retire you dont exactly have to end this army you already have around 10 troops and while you guyz were rising fast you ended the Tacos. That is stupid you could of atleast gave it so some1 else

    Wish the Tacos will come back ~~Glace Mafias~~

  21. I’m gonna make 2nd generation so plz make me admin. duncan@atl4u.com

  22. No! We can’t end the Tacos, let’s make it rise again. Also, the Tacos was really fun when RIFFY was the Leader. D:

  23. Please, let’s rise again! And let RIFFY be Leader again! D:

  24. guy we better save the tacos! on Oct 11 we will go and yell save the tacos at bobsled everyone make it like an invasion every where even the ninja hideout!
    now if you cant then how bout this on the next 2 saturdays we will do it if ur with me reply
    Sinsirely, Nich

  25. This army was my first CP army I have ever been. The memories are comin back to me. So I guess this is my final good-bye to one of the best first armies ever. I shall fulfill my CP Army Warfare destiny in the Ice Warriors of CP. Good- Bye Tacos!

  26. The tacos wernt rising and all these comments are jsut fromt he inactive peeps except sum of you

  27. on 10/10/10 i make the final goodbye to the first and only CP army to accept me. this is sad

  28. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  29. im armyless now. im waiting for “adoption”

  30. Just give the army to some1 else -.-

  31. XD Im so nice I restarted Tacos XD

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