Bored… Might Make Tacos Site To A Cheat Site!

Hello, I might make the tacos site into a cheat site. Vote on witch I should.


~Sky 😎


8 Responses


  2. IF YOU make it into a cheat site I will instintly remove you -_-

  3. are you SERIOUS??!?!?!!?!?! 😮 how stupid and selfish! 😡

  4. to bad for you i already started bring back the tacos but you can help me

  5. Guys its me reaper of wwe i wanna help restart tacos someone add me email is

  6. You might not know me but once I brought a army into the top 3 and I was curious if you would want some help rebuiling Tacos. I have about 6-10 active people that would like to help…Just get rid of two or three leaders and add me… Its for the sake of Tacos… Or I will just make my own site and rebuild them myself…. And not use your site so no one knows ever about you… You know we could be back in the Majors….

  7. WTF MAN tacos were made as a army not a fawking cheat site

  8. I want tacos to rise

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