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Vote says Bring Back Tacos! Active Count

Hi guys, Im bringing back Tacos of cp.

If you joined, I just wanna see how many Tacos are active


Username:Sky Warroir

Rank: Leader



If you are not on the ranks, just say on “Rank” Not Ranked Yet.


35 Responses

  1. Username:Sky Warroir
    Rank: Leader

  2. Not ranked yet.

  3. -_- yay another epic fail -_-

  4. I would like to inform you that during your stage of death, someone recreated the tacos, just out of loyalty to your army

  5. Please make the Tacos be recreated (or just continued)
    It was one of the best armies

  6. i have already remade tacos so you are welcome to come to my tacos

  7. ummm sorry tlillard this will always be the rela tacso ill call you guys chips XD

  8. i brought tacos back before you and already had over 20 troops on so yeah
    i am the real tacos now

  9. This will always eb the real Tacos -_- I really did not want someon to recreate it as a seperate army I would of elt someone start it over on this site O_O and make it the 2g Tacos

  10. and Sky here is advice dont do many active checks do oen and start events XD

  11. User mame: nich55555
    Rank: not ranked yet

  12. my tacos will get major and destroy your tacos
    ps ill change our name and destroy you

  13. tlillard the funny thing is I saw ur site its a fail the other thing You have our banner which means we can sue your tacos ultimaly resolving ina major fail for ou and yhous ay you have 20 teroops fail

  14. sue me i wish you would i have plenty of people behind me because i brought it back before you and there is no way ur getting the name tacos back tacos2g is now the suprem tacos and im not changing the name. oh yeah i have armies on my side so try something stupid and see what happens.

  15. Loser..we have acp, dcp, gt,ww,nachos,iw,tg as allies no offensive loser u were screwed the moment u started 2g loser

  16. really noob i wouldnt count on that i have like icp on my side and alot of others oh yeah u fail. because in reallity i already told cpac reporters about me before you even posted about brining tacos back.

  17. cpac XP its smac dur durr tbest thing is I work for smac so ima ffiated with cpac I can tell them XP that ur fake and icp is a chat not an army idiot

  18. and it got hacked by walrus XP

  19. Comment removed.

  20. xD Ya guys its me Reaper aka stonecold301 I’m back in action for cp armies once again so add me to ranks

  21. also Tillard you try me and ill make sure ACP,Nachos and so on hit you so hard you cant get up from you fall.

  22. guys recruiting makes everything better when Earth Warriors were created we had me and stew then 2 other ppl then 2 other ppl then alot other ppl and now we have 21 active so if u just have like 1 or 2 weeks of recruiting u can go into the small armies then invade the small armies then skip medium and hit to large by invading like the #10 #9 or #8 large army but that will take like 1 year but its all waorth it i mean u have to care for your army not just let the other 2ic and advisors take over it u gotta check the site liker 10 times a day u gotta be on chat u gotta do invasion and get noticed : Word of Advise from
    ~JackJack2006 EW Leader http://clubpenguinearthwarriors.wordpress.com

  23. war tommorow oh and fyi i gave u 24 hour notice so if u dont show up we win

  24. I am serious hahaha

  25. Schnaster8 head colenel i am active

  26. Tillard the Tacos 2g site got deleted or somefin by that hond dude I hope you change it to the fritos thing or somefin peace?

  27. I changed it oh i changed it alright irs the refritos and wanna know what i say. How bout you be allies with both my armies the refritos and the golden warriors

  28. Username:khimo98
    Rank: not ranked yet


  29. Ok. golden warriors site is http://thewgwarmy.webs.com/ and the refritos one ill comment with later

  30. Waddles855

  31. Username: nich55555
    Rank: not ranked
    Active: Yes

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