II: Land

III: Code of the Tacos

I: Government

The Tacos of Club Penguin (TCP) are a demecratic republic. The leaders who retire, will either choose their replacement, or the leaders will choose their replacement. If the General of the Army retires, he can decide to have an election or he may choose his sucessor.

II: Land

The Tacos of Club Penguin (TCP) currently servers are:

  • Beanie (Capital)
  • Mukluk
  • Flippers
  • Iceberg
  • Polar Bear
  • Half Pipe
  • Alaska
  • Mittens

III: Code of the Tacos

The Tacos of Club Penguin will never

  • Hack
  • Destroy another Army’s site

But we may do a little Trash Talking, due to the fact that the situation could be war. Tacos will respect opponents if they have respected them at all. If they were the ones declared war on [Tacos] will continue to attack until Victory/Defeat occurs.


13 Responses

  1. The Water Shadow Warriors would like to apply to be a small army ally to the Tacos.We started today and we already have around 200 hits,20 comments,and 10+ Soldiers!Please get back to us
    -Corwo WSW Leader & SS Head General

  2. yay trash talking ::) 😀

  3. UMA owns Mittens.

  4. no we took it from them in battle months ago

  5. uma owns mittens! and darksorcerersarmyofcp declare an invasion on BEANIE on july 30th, 2010! no complaints, it will be 3:00 pst! no bots, no allies. if nobody from your side is there bye 3:15 pst, we get BEANIE! we also declare an invasion on POLAR BEAR same time on july 31st! no bots or allies. sombody needs to put you back in your place, and we plan to do that!

    – darksorcerers

    visit our site by googleing DARKSORCERERSARMYOFCP

  6. hi im butchaman27, leader of the epic army of cp. id like to have a pb with the tacos on our server wool socks. idc if some army claims wool socks i checked cpa central and they said no one claimed it

    it will be at 3:00 pm est on wool socks.

    the day will be august 3. is that ok.
    + will you eathier merge into us (probably not) or help us recruit, we really need people

  7. ok tacos here are some armies you might wanna ally with if you wanna grow…..




  8. hi i am the leader of the jbombers and i would like to invade mittens from you.
    on satuday the 14th at

    est 4:00
    cst 3:00
    mst 2:00
    pst 1:00

  9. Girintina12 (creator of alien warriors) here, if you want to grow be allies with Alien Warriors go here and comment if you want be allies

    More info at or the CPFBI site

  11. I wanna keep the taco memory alive! Join here and e can start a new army with all the taco troops! Same army different name!Plz join my army. We look up to u guys as our role models! We are an army who loves having wars and battles and u WILL have alot of fun if u join us! U GUYS ROCK!


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