Taco’s New Uniform Announced!

Hello Tacos!

Well, the votes are now over for the new uniform and our new uniform is…. Choice Number 1! Awesome right? Here how the the new Taco Uniform looks like!

New Taco Uniform!

And the non member uniform will stay as-is but in purple and purple belt:


Non-Member Uniform

The header is already change and looks awesome! Well what do you guys think of the new uniform? Comment.

-TacoLeader. Riffy8888


12 Responses

  1. we need new widget u kno for the join page

  2. not bad. but i wasted a coin code to get the poncho -_-. now i need find some way to get the ghost costume

    • well you had the chance to get the ghost costume at that viking play! too bad you missed it. well i looked and apparently the ghost costume is in series one. or you can just wait to october.
      -Pighorsecow (Proud Taco Captain) ~RCP mod~

  3. hmmm once I have a coin code i’ll use it to get anm sombraro

  4. Awesome I DEFINATLEY wanted something with a ghost in it but youll have to change the Join thing and im not on the ranks My Cp name is Billy Mojo 2 and also I mite not be able to make it to the meeting cuz im going over to someones camping site if its nice out so unless it rains i wont 😦 Sorry And ill post on the other one too cuz you mite not see this
    Billy Mojo 2 (RCP mod)

  5. Riffy can u plz help me win a battle????????????? email me ASAP cowtail5cp@gmail.com

  6. Hi im mult mario co-leader and maybe futre leader of flame warriors,we would like to merge with this army so do u want to merge?

  7. well ill geta coin code and get it in the catalog andi cant make it to the invasion becausewegoingto afair for weekend with family dont depromoteme

  8. i dont have most of the non member stuff but untill i do can i wear the green propeller hat,ninja mask,orange belt,friendship bracelet and the color purple so i hope thats ok.

  9. I don’t have the air tanks.
    Is that ok?

  10. xD sure its okay

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